Peter and Maeve

When I was asked to shoot Peter and Maeve’s wedding in Ireland I was thrilled as I went to boarding school with Peter.

So I was on my way to shoot peter I got stuck in a traffic jam of cow’s, WTF!! 10 minutes passed so I was thinking right we get there and straight into guys getting ready shots. But oh not Peter he wanted to go clay shooting in the field! So I put on the wellies and off we went.
Maeve’s was a different story. Everything went perfect. This little country house totally decked out in 1950’s baby pinks and blues. I loved it which went with her 1950’s dress!

We decided to walk down to the church which I loved apart from the fact we would have to stop and talk to everybody they met and stop for a photo! I think I have been in Melbourne for so long and forgot the Irish way!

After the ceremony we decided to go to the local pub. Well it was this little room made into a bar so cute and cosy. The lady that runs it has been running it for years and was thrilled to have Maeve and Peter come in and have a quiet pint.

Coolbawn Quay

Next to the venue Coolbawn quay, were the sun was shining and the atmosphere was perfect. I think I was falling in love with Ireland again as it was just so beautiful! Cute little houses, still lake with no mossies, soft sun, I was in my element!

Then it was party time! So in Australia weddings finish at 11pm (seriously) It was 5am and we were to go to the after room party but I called it a night!



Coolbawn quay

Coolbawn quay

Coolbawn Quay


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